Pedestal Sinks

black pedestal sinkDesigning a bathroom with limited space? Or maybe you prefer a modern clean bathroom design? Take a look at our selection of Modern Bathroom Pedestal Sinks. These sinks come in a solid surface or acrylic surface. So what are solid surfaces? Solid Surface means that a mixture of molecular compounds and advance composite materials are used in creating these pedestal sinks, thus allowing one to enjoy the hypo-allergenic properties inert stone provides. One of the unique features of the white matte surface is it allows you to use a fine grit sandpaper to remove blemishes or unforeseen scratches, which ensures a fresh look to this everlasting product. Beauty and functionality come together as this masterfully crafted modern pedestal sink also includes an overflow and drainer feature. We also offer a wide variety of faucets that you can select to pair with your modern pedestal sink. Some styles require a mounted faucet while others utilize a floor free-standing faucet. View our entire selection of Modern Pedestal Sinks here: